This year, on Communion Sundays, the children have been gathering and completing a service project for members of our church or for non-profits in the larger community. On 4/2, the children will be sorting donations and packing diaper bundles for DC Diaper Bank. DC Diaper Bank partners with over 30 social service agencies in the DC area to provide diapers, baby food, formula, and hygiene supplies to families who urgently need them. Necessities like diapers, wipes, sunscreen, hygiene supplies are not covered by programs like WIC.

So, in March, we are doing a diaper drive! Disposable diapers, especially size 4s, but any size (and open packages) work, wipes, baby food, formula, sunscreen, toiletries, and personal hygiene products are all welcome. The donations can be put in the DC Diaper Bank bin in the vestibule. DC Diaper Bank has appreciated our ongoing support and welcome this Diaper Drive! Questions? Contact Jane Meier (

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