The Retreat House

With the purchase of the Retreat House in 1965, CCC acquired a pastoral retreat center on the Cacapon River in West Virginia.  A pre-Civil War farmhouse, the Retreat House is a beloved homing beacon for generations of CCC members and families. Among the treasures found there was an original painting by Virgil Williams, a 19th Century American artist.  The painting, View of Mt. Katahdin (Maine) from the West Bank of the Penobscot River, was displayed in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Gallery of American Art until the building closed for restoration.  In 2007, the church sold the painting at auction, where it was purchased by an anonymous buyer

The Retreat House Task Force

At a Special Congregational Meeting in 2012, the congregation approved a capital campaign, a percentage of which would provide funding to be used to “retool the Retreat House and restore it to its original functionality.”  Following a successful capital campaign, the current Task Force was authorized by the Executive Council in May 2013 with the assignment to fulfill the intent of the Capital Campaign by developing a Master Plan. The Retreat House Task Force presents these documents and drawings to help report on our current status in fulfilling CCC’s intention of “retooling the Retreat House and bringing it back to its original functionality.”

March, 2017 Summary Report and Presentation