Member Care & Fellowship Coordinator

Upcoming Member Care & Fellowship Events

Senior Adults Joey's Restaurant Review

Wednesday February 28, 2018
12:30PM - 2:00PM

Neville Platt

BWC Visitor Support Group

Wednesday February 28, 2018
7:30PM - 9:00PM

Jane Anderson Maureen Squires

Saturday Stitchers

Saturday March 03, 2018
8:30AM - 11:00AM

Susan Gray

Because We Care Ongoing Training

Saturday March 03, 2018
9:00AM - 12:00PM

Jane Anderson

Personnel Committee

Saturday March 03, 2018
9:00AM - 12:00PM

Mary Pence

Marriage Enrichment

Sunday March 04, 2018
4:30PM - 6:00PM

Ann Marshall

Immigrant Circle Monthly Meeting

Tuesday March 06, 2018
7:15PM - 9:00PM

BWC Teams C&D

Wednesday March 07, 2018
7:00PM - 8:00PM


Member Care & Fellowship organizes and leads programs to care for our members and inspire interest in Christ Congregational Church. We extend the opportunities of church membership to those who wish to participate in the fellowship of the church, and assist new members in becoming actively involved in church life.

Member Care

Because We Care


Supporting persons who are going through a difficult time is the focus of Because We Care.  ­­Trained visitors reach out to persons who are feeling alone, who are going through significant transitions, or are experiencing particular stress or loss.

Because We Care visitors are not “fixers.” Instead they strive to be non- judgmental listeners who reflect God’s love by encouraging and supporting others as they deal with the challenges of their lives.

If you would like the support of a caring listener, know someone who would benefit from such a support, or feel would you like to become a visitor, be in touch with Pastor Gloria (, speak with Susan Gray in the church office (, or contact Because We Care’s Steering Committee coordinator, Jane Anderson, at 301-879-2882.

For additional information contact Pastor Gloria or a member of BWC’s Steering Committee:  Sue Bratten, Bob Brown, Kerri Hufford, Jackie Lowery, Ann Marshall, Ron Rising, David Squires, and Betsy Thomas

Read more in our FAQ
Sign up to become a BWC visitor!

Service and Receptions


The Memorial Service Reception Team (MSRT) supports our minister during memorial receptions, and offers support in helping with meals for families with new babies, and providing and delivering meals to people that are sick or otherwise need support. The team lead supports monthly coordinators that are responsible for gathering volunteers to help with memorial receptions and volunteers to help with meals for families that have an illness or a new baby.

If you would like to help with food preparation or delivery, or help during memorial receptions, please contact Bud Dennie.

Health and Wellness


The Health and Wellness Ministry strives to integrate faith and health to provide support for the holistic well-being of the congregation. We aim to further CCC’s healing and wholeness mission to meet the needs of individuals and their families by building bridges between the health care system, the individual, and the faith community.

The following activities are currently being supported by the health ministry:

  • Workshops throughout the year on various health and wellness topics.
  • Blood pressure screenings the second Sunday of each month.
  • Health education as needed or requested.
  • Resource referrals as needed.
  • Maintaining a medical equipment closet (contact: Trish Esposito).

If you have any questions, ideas, or would like to volunteer with the Health and Wellness ministry contact Kerri Hufford or Pastor Gloria.

Senior Adults Ministry


The Senior Adults ministry has been very active at CCC for many years and has a history of fellowship visits to museums and many historical and nature sites in and around DC. The current committee has been in place for many years and principal activities are now monthly luncheon restaurant outings and showing movies at the church. Events are open to all CCC members and Senior Adults arrange Spirituality and Aging discussion sessions at the church (usually quarterly), and occasionally offsite Spirituality Retreats.
We have seen a large reduction in numbers of participants at events due mainly to movement of members to local retirement communities where they are well served with activities. We would welcome younger members on the committee with the ability to lead the way into the future.
For any questions, please contact Neville Platt or Pastor Gloria.


Sunday Greeters


Every Sunday in our congregation we have two members who volunteer to welcome our visitors and members to our Sunday morning service. The Greeters introduce themselves to the visitors and thank them for coming to our service. The visitors are given a hand-written visitor name badge which encourages our congregation members to further welcome to our church.

Fellowship Hour


Fellowship Hour “coffee time” is a weekly event intended especially as a time for church members and visitors to enjoy greeting and visiting with each other. Each Sunday people from the congregation are invited to go to the social hall located on the lower level (accessed by stairway or elevator from the foyer) immediately after the morning church service. Following Christmas and Easter services and times when the social hall is reserved for special Sunday activities, people meet for fellowship and refreshments in the foyer. Several volunteers from the Member Care and Fellowship Engagement Area serve coffee, tea, punch, pretzels, cookies, and fruit. Special occasions are celebrated with cake.

Jane Weber may be contacted to provide further information and answer questions.

Lets Have Fun


Once each month (typically the 3rd Saturday), the Lets Have Fun team hosts a game night and potluck in the Social Hall.  Fun lovers of all ages are welcome and everyone brings a dish to share.  We usually have A LOT of great games, so bring your favorite game, a new one to try or just show up!

How it works…

1) We eat, laugh, and catch up

2) We see what games showed up (there are games for all ages)

3) We sit down at tables to play the games and have lots of fun!

Some popular games include:

    • Taboo
    • Sorry
    • Battleship
    • Card games (“Oh Hell”, poker, etc.)
    • Blokus
    • Go fish
    • Clue
    • Scrabble
    • Ticket to ride
    • Pandemic
    • …and many more!!

For info on the next great game night, please contact Holly, Olen, or Steve.

50 Year Celebration


The purpose of the 50-year Celebration is to celebrate when members of our congregation achieves their 50 years of membership at CCC. Also, all other members who have more than 50 years will also celebrate that day.  The current 50-year member are recognized from the pulpit and given a silver dollar of the year they joined our congregation. A luncheon is served in the Social Hall after the Service. The celebration is normally held in the spring.  Many volunteers are needed for this event.  Please contact Bud Dennie for further details.

Retreat House Fellowship


The Retreat House Fellowship ensures that CCC has a beautiful, serene place of escape away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life where the congregation can peacefully renew and re-energize mentally, physically and spiritually.  The Retreat House Fellowship is responsible for the operation and maintenance of CCC’s pre-Civil War house, the chapel and 65 acres of farmland and woods near Yellow Spring, WV.  As proprietors, the Fellowship works with individuals, families, and groups to ensure the space is booked solid with retreats, gatherings and events from Easter to Thanksgiving.  The team also conducts opening and closing work retreats to perform routine maintenance and undertakes special projects as needed.  Play is intermingled with work and typically home-cooked meals abound.  Skill-building is provided; members of all ages and all skill levels are invited to participate in the Fellowship’s activities.

Read more about CCC’s Retreat House

Seasonal Events

An Evening of Jazz

Featuring Big Band Tradition with a Valentine’s or Mardi Gras Theme

This festive event features live jazz music performed by The Big Band Tradition of Silver Spring. This occasion is usually scheduled close to Valentine’s Day and includes dancing, a cakewalk, and delicious food. The youth group supports this event by decorating, hosting and collecting monetary donations for their summer mission trip.



Early December

The band contact member is Paul Gayer.  Confirm date and time with Paul. (close to Valentine’s Day, but not conflicting with President’s Day Weekend).

  • Reserve Social Hall
    • Note: expected time of social hall use, 6:30 -11:00 pm
    • Confirm with the Susan Gray in the Church Office that date, time and location are on the church calendar
    • Submit lay-out for tables and equipment to Dianne Abraham, CCC Property Administrator
  • Check with our Youth Ministry leaders to secure youth help as they typically use collected funds for their activities
  • Begin publicizing event
  • Communications channels to think about:
    • News Notes—submit early December, to run in December and January
    • Bulletin—submit in December to run every issue until dance
    • Fliers and posters—post fliers on CCC bulletin board, YMCA, stores (many Starbucks have public posting bulletin boards), etc.
    • Verbal announcement during Sunday morning service
    • Washington Post—submit copy mid-January to appear week before dance
    • Gazette—can submit online at or ask Linda Phelps to submit copy, including on-line versions
  • Enlist helpers (ideally, but not exclusively from our Youth Ministry)
    • A main helper
    • Helpers to bake cakes for the cakewalk, set up, serve food, collect donations, clean up

Early January

  • Continue working with Communications Team to publicize event (begin posting flyers, contacting media outlets, Sunday announcements, etc.)

Mid-late January

  • CCC Bulletin board—two Sundays prior, display a large poster in the church foyer
  • Neighborhood list-serves—two weeks prior, e-mail members information to post on list-serves
  • Submit a request for tables and chairs to Diane, CCC Property Administrator (eight to ten round or card tables around the room w/lamps)
  • Confirm custodian has been hired
  • Confirm access for band and volunteers to set-up the afternoon of the dance—set up takes about 1 ½ hours

Week before

  • Check box of decorations to see if more crepe paper or other supplies needed
  • Sunday before event, ask minister to announcement from pulpit

 Decorations (box stored in social hall closet)

  • Lots of red and white crepe paper for ceiling
  • Red and pink hearts for walls
  • Banners for walls
  • Roll of blue paint-safe tape
  • Dozen red/pink/white helium balloons for stage. 2 balloon weights.
  • Two food tables parallel to pew bench
    • 2 white or lace tablecloths for food tables
    • Bouquet of flowers for food table
    • Donation table by entrance
    • Red tablecloth for donation table
    • Donations box
    • Garbage cans
    • Chairs along walls
    • Coat racks out in hall

Food Suggestions-Provide plenty of food and drinks!

  • 100, 7” paper plates- CCC supplies. Check closet. Dianne Abraham orders
  • 200, 9” paper cups
  • White napkins
  • Cookies- donated by volunteers and youth
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Mini franks
  • H’orderves
  • Tapenade on sliced baguettes
  • Veggie platter
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Grapes
  • Salsa and chips
  • Pretzels
  • Hershey kisses
  • M&M
  • Cakes for the Cakewalk
  • Ice water
  • Punch

Gratitude Breakfasts


The “Gratitude Breakfasts” occur the Sunday before Thanksgiving, 11/19/2017, and the Sunday before Palm Sunday, 3/25/2018. The breakfasts begin at 9:00 am, so volunteers need to prepare the coffee beginning at 8:20 am.  Advertise the breakfasts two weeks ahead of time (11/05/17; 3/11/18) and announce during the service the week before (11/12/17; 3/18/18).  On the morning of the breakfast, turn on the dishwasher to warm up after starting the coffee.  As a pot-luck event, the volunteers only need to provide the drinks – coffee, tea, orange juice, and water. Be prepared to serve about 50 cups of regular coffee, 30 cups of decaffeinated coffee, hot water for tea, two quarts of half-n-half, five half gallons of orange juice, and two pitchers of ice water. Set up paper plates, napkins, plastic juice cups, sugar, cream, artificial sweetener, wooden stirrers, and coffee mugs on the drink tables. Supplies and mugs can be found in the supply closet in the social hall, along with the cabinets in the kitchen over the sink nearest the ice maker. The church custodian will set two tables for the food, two other tables set up for the drinks, and ten tables and eighty chairs for the participants. As guests arrive, arrange the breakfast foods on the tables and provide serving spoons as necessary. The leftover breakfast treats may be served during coffee hour.

Beach Weekend


Mark your calendars every August for a great weekend at Bethany Beach, Delaware. This is a great opportunity to stay with Christ Congregational Church (CCC) friends and families. You will be at the Christian Church Conference center in beautiful Bethany Beach. Come to enjoy the beach, sunrises, rocking chairs, a community playground right on the Christian Church grounds, good meals, and much more. Cost for the weekend is very reasonable and its only two blocks from the ocean. If you have any additional questions please contact Bud Dennie.

All-church Picnic


The annual CCC Church picnic is held in September at a local park, the CCC Retreat House, or other outdoor venue. This special event provides a chance to worship in an informal natural setting, to partake in a delicious luncheon and to enjoy fun fellowship.


As soon as the event is planned

  • Submit plans to Susan Gray, (Church Office) and Dianne Abraham, (Property Administrator)
    • Susan will add the picnic to our church calendar
    • Dianne will help to reserve buildings in the event the picnic is held at a Montgomery County Park (the building must be reserved in 4-hour blocks)


Two months prior to event:

  • Submit announcement to the website and e-news blasts to run in July and August issues
  • Submit an announcement to the office for inclusion in the August and September Bulletin
  • Organize food, drinks and activities. Participants are usually asked to bring a side dish or a dessert
  • Secure volunteers to help with serving and cleanup
  • Coordinate with Church School Staff to organize activities
  • Enlist help with organizing games and activities for all
  • Enlist senior high youth to watch children on playground


One week prior to event

  • Order food
  • Gather supplies

The day of the event

  • Arrive one hour early to set up of tables, chairs
  • Set up 2 tables for double sided food service, plus 1 drinks table along the wall
  • Prepare beverages and food
  • Set up any planned activities
  • Clean up, put all supplies away, wash dishes, clean up kitchen, etc.


Lessons Learned

  1. Expect about 120 people on a nice day
  2. Food — for a sunny warm day this menu worked well:
  • Four six-foot subs, two of which were vegetarian
  • 8 cans of frozen lemonade concentrate or use powdered lemonade and ice tea
  • 20 cups of regular coffee (perhaps skip the decaf), one pint or quart of milk
  • Have plenty of chips on hand
  • Invite side dishes if you wish
  • Three cakes
  • Watermelon

Advent Wreath Workshop and Luncheon


The Advent wreath workshop is usually held after worship on the 1st Sunday of Advent. Participants are encouraged to sign -up in advance and indicate whether they are bringing soup, salad or dessert. All participants are encouraged to donate “greens” for decorating the wreaths.  Drinks and bread will be provided by the “Fellowship Hour” volunteers. One person should coordinate the food and another person should lead the wreath-making.  Be prepared to feed and have wreath supplies for about sixty people.

In September:

  • Check all supplies (located in storage closet near sanctuary) and purchase what is needed (sisal wreaths, candles, candle holders, greens pins)
  • The following websites have been used in past years to order supplies:
    • Six-inch
    • Candle holders, 1-888-299-4100
    • Wreaths –

In early November

  • Work with Susan Gray (Church Office) to reserve the Social Hall and add the workshop to the CCC calendar
  • Submit an announcement to the church office for inclusion in the Bulletin for each Sunday in November and for the website. Remind people to bring garden gloves, clippers, donations of greens, and one item to share for lunch: soup, salad or dessert.

The day of the event

  • Bring some newspapers to cover tables after supper
  • Set up tables with paper tablecloths
  • Set up a couple of tables for food
  • Have a sample wreath made for display

Christmas Caroling

Spreading festive joy throughout our immediate neighborhood, CCC’s members go caroling every year on a Sunday evening prior to Christmas


In early November

  • Reserve the lobby for refreshments with the church office.
  • Submit an announcement to the church office for inclusion in the Bulletin and on the website during November and December

The day of the event

  • Buy or bake holiday cookies and milk
  • Buy or check supplies for drinks: juice or cider, hot chocolate packets, tea
  • Arrive at the church in time to prepare hot water for drink selections
  • Use a tablecloth and set out refreshments and paper goods.

Lessons Learned

  • Carolers are thirsty, so be sure to have cold drinks even on a cold night
  • The coordinator can use the caroling time for set up, so that refreshments are ready when carolers return
  • The coordinator may vary refreshment selections:  hot cider, savory snacks as well as sweet ones, homemade items
  • There are generally about 20-30 carolers

Chrismon Workshop

Chrismons are monograms of Christ which are hand made to decorate Christmas trees. It is not generally an annual event, but more likely every few years.


The following are guidelines for handling the workshop:

  1. Set workshop date and time
    1. Get it on the calendar (email Susan Gray in the Church Office), making sure the social hall is available
    2. This date needs to be coordinated with the staff (Susan & Dianne Abraham) because it falls at a very busy time of year.
  2. Advertise in website, bulletins, and showcase samples of the Chrismons to be made
  3. Make decisions about whether to include a meal
    1. Recently we’ve served finger sandwiches & cookies
    2. Enlist a volunteer to coordinate the food—it’s too much to do both the workshop and the lunch/dinner
  4. Select type and number of Chrismons to be made, with varying degrees of difficulty—we did ten different ones in 2002
  5. Make sure that supplies can be found for the particular Chrismons chosen
    1. Buy the supplies unless you can get the volunteers to do so
    2. It is probably more efficient for the coordinator to buy everything that is needed
  6. Teach each volunteer how to make a Chrismon so that the volunteer can manage a table for that Chrismon, teaching others on the day of the workshop
  7. Have a supply table for a conglomeration of supplies that are needed

Contact Glenda Neal—she has the books and supplies that have been accumulated over the years and will gladly share them

Are you interested in learning more about CCC and how to become a member of…

Are you interested in learning more about CCC and how to become a member of…