Dear CCC Community:

First a plug for this Sunday!! Everything is a Go and I am so looking forward to spending time together at the Retreat House for our Annual Picnic.  The Acoustic Band will play, along with our wonderful Chancel Choir. The food will be great and the best part, those easy conversations that happen with good church fellowship.  Come for the Retreat House Committee has made all things ready.  This Sunday in Yellow Spring West Virginia!  See the CCC website for further details.

Second, Taste of Ministry is just three weeks away! This week’s From Your Moderator (FYM) focuses on two areas: Congregational Assets and Mission & Outreach.  Please go to the CCC website to see the other FYM and learn more about the other ministry areas you can engage in.

Remember, we are asking you to think and pray about how you can give 2 hours/month in the coming year to CCC.  Ministry participation can be grouped into three buckets:  weekly or near weekly activity support; regular ministry planning support; and ad hoc event planning and participation.

Congregational Assets:

Some of you really do like, understand and are interested in the business aspects of the church.  This includes the annual budgets, contracts, property maintenance including building and grounds, and personnel or human resources areas.  The volunteers who look after these areas are some of the most dedicated members of our church and they give of their time and talents to carry out most of the behind the scenes work for worship and ministry.

Congregational Assets mostly needs people who will help with regular oversight of the business aspects of the church in regular email exchanges and monthly or quarterly meetings.  There are occasionally workdays to help maintain the building and grounds and reduce our routine maintenance costs.  Dianne Abraham, our Church Administrator, executes on directions given by the members who work on the sub-teams of the Congregational Assets area with strategic oversight provided by the Coordinating Council.  If you are interested in learning more I encourage you to talk to the Council Coordinator Larry Duff

Mission & Outreach

CCC has three core covenants that provide focus for our social justice activities—Open and Affirming, Becoming an Anti-Racist Congregation and Just Peace (for more information see our website).  The Mission and Outreach Engagement Area (M&O) strives to support positive changes in our local community, nation, and the world.  Many of the activities bring the witness of CCC to events in our community to promote our message of love, inclusion, and peace.  CCC’s solidarity, advocacy and action on racial justice, environmental stewardship, LGBTQ rights, poverty reduction, non-violent conflict resolution and other issues, has a long history and is an important expression of our faith. We need your help to raise awareness on key issues and opportunities to engage, organize and plan advocacy and events, and to collaborate with other faith communities and our local and national UCC conference efforts

M&O welcomes your participation in the Racial Justice Circle, Open and Affirming Committee, Immigration interest group, Stewards of the Earth, Ugandan Ministry Team,  Middle East peace initiatives and advocacy efforts.  You can also get involved as a volunteer at Shephard’s Table, Shaw Community Ministry, Senior Connection, Gandhi Brigade, and with other local organizations that CCC supports.  Or you can start a new initiative and make connections to help CCC more fully live out its covenants.  Join a listserves to learn about more opportunities,  attend regular and ad hoc meetings on issues that matter to you, or help to organize and participate in events.  Pastor Matt provides staff support and the Council Coordinators are Judy Cox and Dayna Brown Majarowitz whom you can reach at and respectively.  For more information, see the CCC Mission & Outreach section of the CCC website.

Remember we are asking you to commit up to 2 hours per month and we will share more on how to do this at the September 24, the Taste of Ministry!  Your time and talent are needed and appreciated at CCC.

Gwen Garrison
FY2018 Moderator

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