Dear CCC Community,

The next few From Your Moderator (FYM) communiques will focus on information and preparation for our October 22 congregational vote to proceed with renovations for our Retreat House.  This is a very important moment in our church and many members have devoted extensive hours in preparing information, crafting motions and smoothing the process so we can have an open and transparent process.  Your thoughtful and prayerful engagement is requested.

This FYM provides you with a calendar of events to help everyone discern their opinion and listen to the opinions of others. It also provides you an opportunity to provide me with your confidential feedback.  So please read on.

On October 1, after worship, the Retreat House Committee (RHC) and Task Force (RHTF) will hold an information meeting (aka Town Hall) to present the final drawings, renovation costs and how we can finance the project.  The RHC and RHTF members have designed this to be an engaging session with ample question and answer time so you can learn as much as you can.

On October 15, again after worship, we will have a gathering to engage in deep listening to one another.  I’ve asked two consultants to lead this time so that leadership, both staff and volunteers, can fully and mutually participate.  This gathering will feature simple rituals that will help us “hold the space” as we discern what God is calling us to regarding our communal decision.

Then on October 22 we will commence with our congregational business meeting and consider the motions before us regarding the renovation.  Next week’s FYM will provide you with these motions so you have time for thoughtful consideration.

I encourage you in kindness and respect to talk to members of the RHC and RHTF, your friends and other CCC members about your thoughts and perspectives.  I too am waiting on the Spirit for guidance and direction.  As in past CCC moments, God has revealed our path as we come together.  I have no doubt that once again our faith will be honored by Spirit.

Some of you are not able to be at the October 22 Congregational Meeting but still want me to know your thoughts, questions and perspectives.  To honor those requests, I have created a confidential form for you to provide feedback.  This will be open until the morning of October 22.  I will be reviewing submissions frequently for any questions that might be helpful to be answered over the next few weeks.   Please note that the form won’t be taking anonymous responses as an email is required for confirmation of your submission. Please use this link to the form: The form will also be available in paper format in the CCC office or from me after worship.  Please see me if you want a paper copy to fill out.

Finally, I am reminded that often watershed moments are filled with promise and uncertainty.  May each of our hearts know the abiding love that holds us during these times.

See you Sunday.

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