Dear CCC Community,

The next three From Your Moderator (FYM) will focus on our preparations for our congregational vote regarding the renovations for the Retreat House. These communiques are designed to point you to the best information we have as you thoughtfully and prayerful discern your position. You will find links throughout these posts to aid you in finding materials. I also encourage you to talk to each other, the CCC leadership and the Retreat House Committee and Task Force members so you are well equipped in your information.

Let me begin by saying the Retreat House Committee and Task Force (RHC&TF) have done a terrific job bringing to us the very best design that expresses our communal values, cost estimates and funding ideas for this renovation. They have more than adequately fulfilled their charges over the last 10 years as we consider this decision. I am grateful for their steadfast patience and tenacity through all the details.

From this point we turn our attention together to consider this decision. The good news is CCC has always risen to these kinds of occasions in the past—making hard decisions together while valuing others opinions and holding the space for our faith community. We are once again called to gather our best selves for this decision.

Finding Materials:

We will post all relevant materials to our CCC website and have printed copies in the office for those who prefer that format. On our home page you will find links to the Oct 1 Retreat House Presentation, the video recording of the meeting, a summary of the proposal/motion. The RHC&TF leadership will also provide a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document that will be updated as questions come in and answers are available so check back often. One of the most important pieces of information we are collecting right now is an understanding of those who would provide financial gifts or loans from their personal resources for this renovation. If you are interested and able, please contact David Main, Clerk of the Rolls at, who will confidentially record your financial contribution and respect any request for anonymity.

Motion for the October 22 Congregational Meeting:

The motion is to accept the “not to exceed” cost estimate of $650,000 for Phase I of the renovation with five parts for funding the project. It also presents for congregational affirmation the support for volunteer committee leadership to monitor the project, initiate the funding decisions and plan for the reopening of the Retreat House once the renovation is complete.

October 15 A Gathering to Listen and Support One Another

When I assumed the moderator-ship I recognized quickly the deep and wide set of emotions regarding our Retreat House. As I listened and learned, I set out my first principles for this congregational vote: I wanted it to be fair and transparent, characterized by kindness and respect for all voices and perspectives. In other church decision making systems, the priest or the elected leadership committee (e.g. presbytery) makes these decisions sometimes sidestepping the very members for whom the decision impacts. In Congregationalism, the decision rests with all of us. That is why we now open the space to hear what our hopes and concerns are for each other and our faith community. On October 15 after worship we will hold such a place to gather and listen with simple rituals designed to open our hearts and minds. All are invited and more information will be in next week’s FYM.

Feedback form Click on this link:

I know many of you have questions and concerns about this decision and I’ve designed a form for you to provide me your feedback. This form is confidential and the feedback provided will only be disclosed if you give me permission. Congregationalism holds that you must be present to vote on a motion. We give great deference to listening to each other and the Spirit as part of our discernment process in the meeting itself. Some of you won’t be able to attend but do want your position known and recognized. This form provides you space and honors your voice. Paper copies are available in the Moderators Box in the CCC Office with an envelope for you to submit your responses. I will be checking this frequently over the next few weeks.

With a grateful heart, I’m listening and waiting.


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