Dear CCC Community:

Two pieces of Good News and we now need your help!

First, Montgomery County made the formal announcement this last week that we were awarded a Security Grant to improve our physical security at our main building.  The grant for $7000 requires us to raise matching funds for three projects: new door locks, replace the Colesville side doors in the sanctuary and cover the Brewster side window well.

Second, thanks, for a very productive congregational meeting on Sunday.  Since our desire is to start the Retreat House (RH) renovation construction this coming spring we need to staff the volunteer teams quickly.

How you can help!

We’ve created a Breeze form for you to sign up to join the volunteer teams. We need at minimum 22 people.  Below is a short description of each team, the likely duration of the work and how many volunteers we need.

As you will notice on the Breeze form we are asking you to prioritize your team choice for two reasons:

1) It is healthy for us to spread out the intelligence of the Retreat House Committee and Retreat House Task Force to ensure project continuity on all the renovation teams.  Their experience and wisdom will benefit all of us as we build and develop project plans together.

2) We want to invite everyone to get involved.  While we need a minimum number of members, more people would greatly benefit the work.  It quite possibly might mean even better connections to all of our other programming in the church so we all stay informed on the renovation progress.  One of the hallmarks of our new governance model is an emphasis on communications between the formal Coordinating Council structure and the informal networks throughout the church.  Including many people in the process helps us succeed in our overall communication goal.

So, click on the link above and please make your choice by Nov 5.

Volunteerism is what makes CCC go.  Please participate!


Description of Teams

Security Grant Team:  Montgomery Country awarded CCC a Physical Security Grant to improve our building security.  The team will raise matching funds and manage the implementation to complete projects. Likely Duration: Nov 2017-Nov 2018.  Need minimum of 5 volunteers.

Retreat House Financing Team will secure RH renovation financing including member pledges, sale of the agricultural property and loans.  Likely Duration: Nov 2017-Aug 2019. Need minimum of 5 volunteers.

Retreat House Construction Management Team will provide renovation construction oversight by reviewing plans, contractors and coordinating volunteer labor effort.  Likely Duration: Dec 2017 – May 2019. Need minimum of 5 volunteers.

Retreat House Restart Programming Team will propose user fee rates, draft marketing materials and secure first year of programming post renovation.  Likely Duration: Jan 2018 through Oct 2019. Need minimum of 7 volunteers.

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