Dear CCC Community,

The Coordinating Council met this week and we have several updates to report.

Progress on Major Maintenance Items:

In the FY18 Unified Budget we allocated $40,000 to major maintenance projects.  We’ve made excellent progress completing repairs to the eastside exterior window well and replacing the landscaping, painting the entire exterior of the church, removing trees that interfered with drainage and protecting our pianos with humidity stabilization efforts.  Unfortunately, we’ve also had nearly $15,000 of unplanned emergency repairs including removing a destabilized tree after the July wind storm, HVAC repairs to the choir room and blown generator parts necessary to keep water from pooling in our elevator shafts in case of a power outage.  The Council is very mindful of how these situations impact our programming and ministries with diminished resources and we continue to make adjustments where we can to promote ministry efforts.  We also discussed FY19 major maintenance items as we prepare for the upcoming fiscal year and Unified Budget campaign.

New Fundraising Opportunity:

Larry Duff, Council Coordinator for Congregational Assets, will be bringing details about a way we can passively raise funds for our church as we go about our holiday shopping using gift cards.  Money raised will go to major maintenance items so look for details coming in the next few weeks about how you can get involved and take advance of this opportunity to support the church.

Security Grant Implementation:

Many of us are aware and devastated by events in Tennessee and now in Texas.  Please know that this has been an active conversation over the last year among the Council members including a Task Force that recommended action items last year.  In September we were notified that we received a Montgomery Country grant to assist us with upgrades to our physical security at our Coleville Road building.  This grant requires us to raise matching funds that will really benefit what we hope to do.  If you are interested in participating with vendor selection, provide matching funds, and/or other implementation matters please contact me directly at The CCC Moderator.

Preparing for the Retreat House Renovation

The Council reviewed initial strategic renovation implementation plans including fundraising and volunteer participation in the key teams. We made progress on team charges, key milestones and communication connections so we can support the renovation effort.  More information will be forthcoming as we ramp up the work.

That’s it and see you Sunday!


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