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We are just under one month away from our annual volunteer recruitment event called Taste of Ministry.  This week’s From Your Moderator (FYM) focuses on two ministry areas: Congregational Giving and Member Care & Fellowship.  Please go to the CCC website to see the other FYM and learn more about the other ministry areas you can engage in.

Remember the frame we are asking you to think and pray about is how you can give 2 hours/month in the coming year.  Ministry participation needs can be grouped into three buckets:  weekly or near weekly activity support; regular ministry planning support; and ad hoc event planning support.

Congregational Giving:

When we reorganized our governance last year we wanted to join together our financial giving  to find commonality and a consistent message.  We have principally five avenues of congregational giving at CCC: a) Annual giving to our Unified Budget to support our ministries, staff, and property maintenance — we plan our annual budget based on pledges we make on Pledge Sunday in the Spring; b) the UCC’s Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM) 5 for 5 campaign supports mission and justice work; c) special offerings to support unanticipated but worthy activities and events; d) giving to the Deacons Fund, used by the Senior Pastor to address discretionary pastoral needs; and e)  Endowment and Memorial giving.

Congregational Giving  needs people who enjoy making personal connections with members of the congregation to share information about financial giving.  Our largest and most concentrated effort is our annual Unified Budget Pledge Campaign  culminating in April.  In 2015 I helped chair this event and learned a lot about the church.  I had never done anything like this before both personally or professionally and I wanted to learn from a great group of really committed members who love this church.  I repeated this experience this past year as I watched a new model of communicating about our financial needs take hold.  One of the great benefits of being part of a church with so many different activities is to learn something new.  If connecting with others to encourage congregational giving resonates with you, contact Marilyn Hall the Council Coordinator at

Member Care & Fellowship

There is nothing better than a good ol’ fashion church potluck!  Don’t have to ask me twice!  A little face to face conversation to check in and support one another is a major part of what makes us a church.  For some of us, caring for one another is what we do best.  If it is, this is your place to give of your time and talent.

Member Care & Fellowship Engagement Area organizes and leads programs to care for those in our faith community and inspire interest in Christ Congregational Church. This ranges from calling on members in our Because We Care team to coming together for Game Night!  As I mentioned in my August 10 FYM I participated with the Memorial Service Reception Team and learned what it takes to host nearly 300 people for a service at CCC. Wow—humbling and appreciative!  Over the summer, I’ve watched a dedicated group revisit how we welcome and connect with visitors to grow our church.  More coming about that in the fall!  MC&F welcomes your participation as a leader or a volunteer in the following areas:

Weekly or Near Weekly Ministries: Sunday Service Greeters, Sunday service coffee hour and Because We Care Visitors (training available)
Team Ministry Planning Committees: Memorial Service Reception Team, Health & Wellness Ministry Team, Senior Adults, New Member Reception Team, and “Let’s Have Fun” ministry team.
Ad Hoc Ministries: Annual Picnic, Big Band Dance, Advent Wreath Workshop, Christmas Caroling, and 50-year celebration.

Pastor Gloria provides Engagement Area staff support and the Council Coordinator is Bud Dennie whom you can reach at  For more information see the Member Care & Fellowship section of the CCC website at

Okay less than a month to go.  September 24—Taste of Ministry!  Your time and talent are needed and appreciated at CCC.

Gwen Garrison
FY2018 Moderator

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