Dear CCC Community:


While the summer has pushed along so has the Coordinating Council. We’ve had three meetings (June, July, and August) so here are a few notes to update you. Again, I continue to be very grateful for all of the Council’s work as we ‘live’ into this new governance model.


Coordinating Council Action:

  • The Council approved $1500 to support the UCC General Synod meeting in Baltimore, MD.
  • The Council engaged in capacity building activities around congregational history and policy. As a result we committed to keeping an Action Item list and tracking our progress.
  • The Council also learned how to use Breeze, our Church Management Software, to communicate and create ministry teams with tags.
  • Dean Ripple, Treasurer, equipped the Council to better understand the church’s finances from endowments to what is necessary to maintain monthly cash flow for our expenses.
  • The Council approved a recommendation to the congregation to upgrade our interior and exterior lighting to LEDs. Olen Stephens and Jim Conklin will be bringing more information in the very near future to help you prepare for the Congregational Vote on September 17.


Two Pieces of Really Good News:


First, we finished with a surplus of funds in FY17 thanks to the generosity of the CCC membership! With these funds we were able to give our CCC ministers and paid staff a bonus and get a jump start on several of our major maintenance projects for this coming year. Do take notice that we’ve nearly completed painting the exterior of the building! We continue to make progress on landscaping and other building renewal projects throughout this coming year. If you are interested in learning more or assisting with the planning, please contact Larry Duff, Tony Ingram or myself. We would be glad to hear from you.


Second, the 2017 Stewardship Campaign for the Unified Budget concluded with a 2.6% increase in pledge giving over 2016. More than one-third of our tracked pledge units (individuals or families) increased their pledges from last year and 14 more units joined the pledging process. Wow! The Council and I are so deeply grateful for your belief in our staff and ministries. We take very seriously your support through your pledge dollars to support this faith community over the coming year. It allows us together to live out our values through our covenants in a very tangible way. My thanks to Dan and Mary Pence for leading the effort this year and for all the ‘callers’ who helped convey our need and future hope for FY17 ministries. Look for an expanded report from Dan in an upcoming ENews post.


Mark your calendars-Taste of Ministry is Coming:


I mentioned above our good news about our pledge income for FY18. But this is only one part of what makes our faith community go. Faith communities need three things: ‘treasure’–that’s sharing of our financial resources; ‘time’–that’s sharing our ability to show up at events and activities for worship, fun, formation, peace and justice; and ‘talents’-that’s sharing our expertise and experience for ministry planning and support.


Our new governance model allows us to share our time and talents in multiple ministries of the church. None of us are restricted to a single ‘board’ or its activities of a multi-year duration. This is very freeing so we can learn new things about what makes this a vibrant community. For example, this past year I participated for the first time in the Memorial Service Reception Team (MSRT) honoring of one of our beloved members. Wow did I learn about advanced catering skills for large crowds and see that ‘many hands make for light work’! I definitely want to come along again and learn some more skills and be a part of celebrating a life.


Two. Let me say it again, 2! We’ve done some research on how much time it takes to flex our vibrancy muscle at CCC. We’ve boiled it down to a simple number “2” — 2 hours per month. If each member of the faith community gave two hours each month of their time and talent we would cover all our ministry planning needs and efforts. Think about this, 2 hours or 24 hours throughout the year. That would do it!


Our ministry activities can be grouped into three buckets: those that are 1) weekly or near weekly events such as Church School teachers and shepherds, lay readers or AV assistants in worship, or morning greeters; 2) Monthly planning events for upcoming or sustaining events or ongoing decision making and 3) Ad Hoc event planning such as the Annual Picnic, Advent Wreath Workshop or MSRT support.


On September 24 we will hold our Taste of Ministry event right after church. Before then you are going to hear from me and my fellow Council members about all the different ways you can engage in CCC with your time and talents. Listen close and pray on it. We need you. We want you to participate and engage. We will do good work and grow closer together. Remember 2 hours a month, 24 hours through the year. It all happens on September 24!


See you on Sunday!


Gwen Garrison

FY2017 Moderator

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