Dear CCC Community:


As I mentioned last week I will be issuing From Your Moderator (FYM) each week from several weeks. We are gearing up for the fall and we need all of us supporting the programming at CCC.


Taste of Ministry Event is on the Horizon:


On September 24 we will have our annual volunteer recruitment event. The sharing of our time and talent is critical to maintain our vibrant community. Over the next four weeks I will focus my FYM on a particular Engagement Area of the church that needs members to support the work. We hope that one of these areas will pique your interest and you will lend your time and talents to make ministry happen. This week’s focus is Worship and the Arts.


Worship and the Arts Engagement Area seeks to support the Sunday morning worship services and other special liturgical services throughout the year. It also enhances the artistic beauty of the church and sanctuary through artwork often enjoyed in the Tate Gallery in the main floor and upstairs hallways. Both Pastor Matt and Sam Wack, CCC Music Director, provide staff coordination and support. W&A welcomes your participation in the following areas:


  • Weekly or Near Weekly Ministries: Ushers, Worship Lay Readers, Audio-Visual Team and Chancel Choir
  • Team Ministry Planning Committees: Music both Adult and Children, and Worship Guild to prepare the sanctuary for worship.
  • Ad Hoc Ministries: Monthly Communion service, Christmas and Easter holy-day services.


Current members of these ministries can easily train new members and most of ministries are coordinated by email. There are quarterly meetings to handle upcoming worship preparations for major events. Susan Gray is the Council Coordinator and you can contact her at For more information see the CCC Worship & the Arts website at



Finally once again, September 24, is our Taste of Ministry event right after church. Listen close and pray on how you can give to our faith community some of your time and talent. It only takes 2 hours per month, 24 hours through the year. Lots of options and do consider supporting our worship ministry if it is calling to you.


Grateful for CCC!

Gwen Garrison

FY2018 Moderator

PS:  CCC is changing email broadcast providers on August 31.  If you haven’t yet signed up to receive these emails in our new system, please fill out the Breeze Registration Form 


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