This spring we are replacing compromised drainage piping for the window wells, a major maintenance project we identified last spring when we had the well drains checked after routine spring maintenance. We discovered with camera work from the commercial drain division of Rommel USA, Inc. that we had a major break in the underground piping. A boulder or large rock was lodged on the pipe, crushing it at one point so that only minimal drainage of water was possible. At that time a clean out of the pipe took care of tree roots which had migrated close to the breakage point.

Rommel knew approximately where the boulder/rock was and excavation was necessary to see how much pipe would need to be replaced. The project has required excavation of portions of sidewalk, removal of plantings along the window wells and disassembling and disconnection of at least one ground light.

Prior to excavation, Rommel estimated a minimum of ten feet of pipe would need replacement. With excavation, compromised piping has been twenty-seven feet.

Once new piping is in and all piping is clear to connecting pipe to the sewer on Brewster, replanting and repair of sidewalk can take place as can a rebuild of ground lights and reconnection of all circuits for parking lot lights.

The tree in the Gilbert Garden will need to come down. Building and Grounds Chairs recommend removal of the dogwood at the Brewster corner, close to the building and the redbud to the right of the bike stand. They report both of these trees are diseased and cannot be successfully treated and cured. Due to root size and migration, it will not be possible to have a shade tree in the Gilbert Garden, but a small, ornamental tree is safe for the piping. The garden will be a sun garden in the future.

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