Visitation ministry is an extension of the care of the congregation for all its members, whether the visitor is a member of the clergy or a lay member of the congregation. The Lay Visitation Ministry offers the opportunity to be symbols of God’s love.  Encouragement, support, tangible acts of service and a listening ear are the tools that are used in ministering. Visits are made to members who are facing circumstances that leaves them feeling alone or in need of friendship. CCC recruits and trains church members to visit with home-bound members and others who are in need of a compassionate presence from the church.

In order to train interested lay members for the ministry of visitation, the Minister for Care & Community, in cooperation with the Board of Deacons,  teaches lay members of the congregation those skills most necessary for skilled and caring visitation. The Minister of Community Care & Community then matches lay visitors with church members who need care.

We ask Lay Visitors to visit their assigned church member at least three times a year: once during Advent to deliver Christmas flowers, once during Easter to deliver Spring flowers, and at least one other time during the year.

To volunteer to become a member of the Lay Visitation Ministry team or to further explore this possibility, contact Pastor Gloria Grant by calling (301) 585-8010 or emailing

Qualities of a Lay Visitor

  • A person who can listen to others
  • A person who can allow others to express their own feelings without telling them how they should or shouldn’t feel
  • A person who is willing to sit quietly with others when they can’t put their feelings into words
  • A person whom others can freely confide, knowing that confidentiality is a priority on their list of values
  • A person who can ask how others are doing without feeling an obligation to tell them what they should be doing
  • A person who can hear others without telling them they know what’s best for them
  • A person who can accept others as they are, rather than the way that person thinks others ought to be

If you or a loved one, or someone you know, would like a visit from a Lay Visitor, visit, please contact a pastor or the church office.  Your referral will be held in confidence.