“We covenant with one another as a community of faith grounded in God, the source of all life. We seek to walk in the ways of God’s abiding love, made known or to be made known to us through the Holy Scriptures, the life and teachings of Jesus, and the continuing guidance of the Holy Spirit in our lives and worship.

Affirming that all persons are created in the image of God, we honor and celebrate people of all races, cultures, ages, abilities, sexual orientations, and gender identities. In our life together we endeavor to support each other on our spiritual journeys with open minds and loving hearts.

We hold it to be the mission of the church to embody the good news of God’s love for all people by laboring for the progress of knowledge, the promotion of justice, and the reign of peace. We work and pray for the transformation of ourselves and all creation into realms of God’s compassion; and in faith we place ourselves in God’s hands, in death as in life. ”