At Christ Congregational Church, we respond actively to our perceptions of social injustice — at times we react to conditions we observe within our own community, and at times we respond to the lead taken by national bodies of the United Church of Christ. Twice within recent years, our responses to injustice in society resulted in lengthy periods of study, debate and, always, prayer. Following this, our congregation met in formal sessions to adopt position statements or policies that challenge us to remove such injustice whenever and wherever we find it — and which put us on public record as active advocates for social justice.

On June 24, 1990, following a call from the 15th General Synod of the UCC, several adult education programs and work by a Just Peace Study Group, the CCC congregation at special meeting voted for a resolution, “Continuing the Journey to Become a Just Peace Church.” Thus empowered, the study group in conjunction with the various Boards and committees prepared a Just Peace Covenant which was adopted by the congregation at its annual meeting of January 27, 1991. We proudly display the banner, “A Just Peace Church,” as a statement to others and as a reminder to ourselves of our chosen course of action.

We, the members of Christ Congregational Church, are mindful of the history of covenantal relationships between God and God’s children. We remember Yahweh’s loving promise to Israel, “I will be your God and you will be my people.”

We remember the fulfillment of God’s promise to the exiled remnant that a Savior would be sent to teach God’s vision of Shalom to those who earnestly and humbly seek to know and live that vision.

We realize that we have not always fulfilled our part of the covenant. It is often easier to remain silent before the forces of chaos and death.

Therefore, on this day we publicly and prayerfully commit ourselves to our part in God’s vision by proclaiming Christ Congregational Church a Just Peace Church. With God’s help and by Christ’s example we shall work for peace and seek justice for all peoples.

We pledge to learn more about the needs of those everywhere who have not shared in God’s intention of abundant living.

We pledge continued efforts to nourish existing ties and to establish new ones with our brothers and sisters outside our own community.

We pledge greater sensitivity to and support for all the world’s peoples in our shared struggles for liberation.

We pledge to promote peaceful resolutions to conflict.

We pledge to be more mindful of and responsible for the integrity of God’s Creation.

We covenant to work together to establish God’s kingdom on earth be actively seeking a new world and a renewed invigorated Church established on the love demonstrated in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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