Christ Congregational Church covenants to be faithful as …

  • A Just Peace Congregation

  • An Open and Affirming Congregation

  • An Anti-racist Congregation

At CCC, we honor and celebrate people of all races, cultures, ages, abilities, sexual orientations & gender identities.

     *Please stand as you are able
*Please turn off mobile phones before worship begins

    Let us now enter into the Holy One’s presence.

Pastors Matt Braddock & Gloria Grant

PRELUDE    One Shining Star
Sam Wack    by Tina Voorhees


What does it mean for God to trouble the waters in our time and place?
Are we to wade in the water even as we know that God intends to trouble them?
Is troubled water a necessary part of our journey?

Pastor Gloria Grant

God of the waters. Water of birth,
moving us from safety into the world.
God of the waters. Water of connection,
engaging the playful Spirit,
the passionate Christ,
the challenging God
God of the waters. Water of life,
God of the waters. Water of trouble,
journeying us from here to there, from the known to the unknown.
God of the waters.
Birth us.
Connect us.
Live in us.
Trouble us

Wade in the water, Wade in the water, children,
Wade in the water, God’s a-going to trouble the water

See that host all dressed in white
God’s a-going to trouble the water
The leader looks like the Israelite
God’s a-going to trouble the water. Refrain:

See that band all dressed in red
God’s a-going to trouble the water
Looks like the band that Moses led
God’s a-going to trouble the water. Refrain:

Look over yonder, what do you see?
God’s a-going to trouble the water
The Holy Ghost a-coming on me
God’s a-going to trouble the water. Refrain:

If you don’t believe I’ve been redeemed
God’s a-going to trouble the water
Just follow me down to the Jordan’s stream
God’s a-going to trouble the water. Refrain:

Ann Marshall

“The Lord’s Prayer” from “Human Rites” by Ward & Wild

Creator God, whisper to us in the silence
For you, God, called the light Day, and the darkness you called Night.
You named all creation.
Baptized by the Spirit, may we quietly hear you and follow.
In-breaking God, shout us out of our illusions.
God of compassion, through your Holy Spirit forgive us, redeem us, restore us, teach us, fill us. We ask in Christ’s name, praying together . . .
Beloved, our Father and Mother, in whom is heaven,
hallowed be your name,
followed be your way,
done be your will and rule throughout the whole creation.
With the bread we need for today, feed us.
In the hurts we absorb from one another, forgive us.
In times of temptation and test, strengthen us.
From trials too great to endure, spare us.
From the grip of all that is evil, free us.
For you reign in the glory of the power that is love, now and forever. Amen.

SCRIPTURE READING    Matthew 3:13-17
Ann Marshall

Pastor Gloria Grant

 “Forward Through the Ages” & “Peace From Justice”

Forward through the ages, in unbroken line,
Move the faithful spirits at the call divine;
Gifts of differing measure, hearts of one accord,
Manifold in service, one the sure reward.
Forward through the ages in unbroken line,
Move the faithful spirits at the call divine.

We claim “Peace from Justice”, for all faith and race;
We can be inclusive; each can have their place;
We can call for justice: we can all unite;
We can strive for freedom; struggle for the right;
“Peace from justice – now and forever”; this is where we stand;
“Equity with honor”; This is our demand

We can work for justice; cultivate more peace;
We can call to leaders, “Make the conflicts cease.”
Gandhi and Mandela, Martin Luther King
Show us how to protest while we march and sing!
‘Peace from justice – now and forever’; this can be our creed;
Striving with compassion, lovingly proceed.

CONTEMPORARY READING     “A Letter to my Grandchildren”
Pastor Matt Braddock

Extract by Noel Preston in Ethics With or Without God

I must conclude now because I should not over-indulge my grandfatherly prerogatives. I once saw an advertising billboard which exhorted: “Live life to the limit”. What an irony that this sign was promoting a gambling casino, for this slogan fits the human quest to transcend and improve our present circumstances – a basic motivation of the ethical life. Perhaps the casino’s advertising agents understand the inner desires of human beings even if their product does not satisfy those desires. By all means, live life to the limit; go beyond the limits of self-centeredness or narrow interests exercise your freedom with responsibility Life is a gift to enjoy with, and for, others. And remember the good life is a balanced life give expression to urges of creativity invigorate your body as well as nourish your mind and above all else, care for the Earth for its own sake and also for the sake of your generation’s grandchildren

SERMON    “Troubled Waters”
Pastor Matt Braddock


We were born to make manifest the glory that is within us. It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

In the front of the sanctuary is a pitcher and a bowl. If you have a gift to offer us for the New Year – an idea, a dream, a hope – please come forward and share. You need not be a member, just someone who wishes to dedicate something of who you are to what this place can be. Just like drops of water fill to make an ocean, please come forward, pour your water into the bowl, speak into the microphone and tell us what of yourself you dedicate to this place.

Pastor Gloria Grant

OFFERTORY    Down to the River to Pray
The Chancel Choir    Traditional Spiritual/Ken Medema, arr. Mary McDonald


Praise God, from whom all blessings flow:
Praise God, all creatures here below;
Praise God for all that love has done;
Creator, Christ, and Spirit, One.

Ann Marshall

Give us the miracle of gratitude, for how our lives are sustained in your care. Give us the miracle of courage and creativity to find new habits for ourselves, our country, and our world, in sharing your resources.

What Ruler Wades through Murky Streams

Pastors Matt Braddock & Gloria Grant

 by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin SJ in Hearts on Fire – Praying with the Jesuits

Above all, trust in the slow work of God.
We are quite naturally impatient in everything
to reach the end without delay.
We should like to skip the intermediate stages.
We are impatient of being on the way to something
unknown, something new.

And yet it is the law of all progress
that it is made by passing through
some stages of instability –
and that it may take a very long time.
And so I think it is with you.
Your ideas mature gradually – let them grow,
Let them shape themselves, without undue haste.

Don’t try to force them on,
as though you could be today what time
(that is to say, grace and circumstances
acting on your own good will)
will make of you tomorrow.

Only God could say what this new spirit
gradually forming within you will be.
Give our Lord the benefit of believing that God’s hand
is leading you,
and accept the anxiety of feeling yourself
in suspense and incomplete.

POSTLUDE    The Cowherd’s Song (from Op. 17)
Sam Wack    by Edvard Grieg

The flowers on the altar are given by Jackie Walters in appreciation
for the faithful service of our generally unheralded yet essential volunteer teams:
Peter Boyer and the ushers; Trish Esposito, who tidies and maintains the pew supplies;
Tony Ingram and Christopher Lewis, who work with Dianne
to maintain the building and grounds; Dave Main and the sanctuary sound team;
Greg Muncill and the Assistant Financial Secretaries (money-counters);
and Jane & Mike Weber and their Sunday morning coffee teams.
They support CCC in ways that would be noticed only if they didn’t.
Resolved for 2017:  notice & appreciate!

Immediate Care …  As the church of God in this place, we ask your prayers for Merlene Bagley; Corine Bloss; Erven Boettner;  Jenni Bunch;  Jean, Randy and Ellen Caswell; Grace Dietz; Ben Gallup; Paul Geiser; Jim Henkelman-Bahn; Joanne Hollcroft; Barry Johnson; Jessica Johnson; Steve Jordan; Ruth Kaupert; Tina Lincoln; Jackie Lowery; Kathy McAdams; Doris Raber; David and Maureen Squires; Elijah Simpson-Sundell; Barbara Thorn; Kent Abraham, husband of Dianne Abraham; Cheryl and Beverly, family of Ron Rising; Bryan “Kirk” Bland, brother-in-law of Jessica Bland; Anna Carrigan, sister of Tim Carrigan; Helen Mae Davis, granddaughter of David and Maureen Squires; Larry Duff, Sr., father of Larry Duff; Douglas Griffith son of Doris Raber; Edward Kim, father of Elaine Kim; Alice McElhinney, mother of Alison Petersen; Dr. Craig Platt, son of Audrey and Neville Platt; Wayne Virag, brother-in-law of Steve Young.
In Memoriam … Janice Dennie

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