Dear CCC Community,

There are several all church updates and Coordinating Council news for my report this month.  This time I really do invite you to read to the end!

Improvement and Repairs around the Church:

LED lighting is moving forward.  Thanks to Jim Conklin for overseeing this big project.  As we experience the energy savings, Dean will shift the money back into our Unrestricted Endowment fund as we voted to do in September.

New tile replaced the carpet in the elevator and plumbing repairs were completed on a leak from the main floor to the basement area.  Masonry repairs are forthcoming on the Brewster entrance, weather permitting.

Security Grant Implementation:

We are now taking matching donations for the Security Grant Fund.  Easiest way for us to track this is to use our Donate button on our CCC website.  You also can provide a check in the offering or the office clearly stating on the memo line this is for “Security Grant.”

Retreat House Renovation

I am happy to report all chairs for the RHR teams are in place and they are moving forward with filling out their teams and refining the team charges and identifying major milestones.  If you have an interest in being a part of this major effort please contact the following chairs:

  • Construction Management Team:Tom Ault & Sue Dollins
  • Finance Team:John Potts & Jim Brown
  • Restarting Programming Team: Cyndy Wright Johnson, with support from Kristen Brown

Change in Church School Superintendent

We welcome Lindsay Vogelsang as the Church School Superintendent beginning in January.  Chris Braddock leaves us to continue in her other work so please join me in thanking her and welcoming Lindsay.

Welcome Olen Stephens as the Moderator

On Monday evening I formally handed the gavel to Olen Stephens who steps into the role as Moderator. After much consideration, two reasons guided our transition decision.  First, many of you know Tim Carrigan vacated the Past Moderator position when Autumn joined his family (Hooray!!).  Seeing that we need to focus on Constitution revisions with the new governance model and implementation of the Security Grant, we thought we should concentrate my efforts on these projects for the church.
The second reason is that Pastor Matt will depart on sabbatical in April.  As Olen and I talked with Matt, we felt it would be a difficult time to change the moderator in June at our annual meeting without the guidance of the senior minister for that position.  Olen has agreed to stay until Matt returns in September.

Furthermore, we asked a number of CCC members to consider stepping up into the Moderator Elect position, and we are yet to be successful.  This position will run from September 2018 through June 2019 and then we will return to regular pattern.  If you have an interest please let me, Olen or Pastor Matt know. I also encourage you to talk with any past moderator about the experience.  It is a very doable position setting the monthly meeting agenda, handling email exchanges and the occasional pop up community need.

Moreover, let me say that it has been a deep privilege to serve you.  The one thing I love about church work is that you grow and are able to have experiences like none other in the non-profit world. Churches are complex places with multiple missions and visions.  I’ve added new tools to my leadership toolkit and grown new strategic and execution muscles.  This has been a wonderful proving ground as I thought through leadership challenges and the advice from my past professors, coaches and the literature.  I was told repeatedly that we do have the right moderator for what CCC needs at that point in time.  I am glad I answered the call when I had the gift of ample time in my life to devote to our community.  With Olen, we now return to a more regular order of the moderator’s role and he will bring the time, energy and dedication he can to the position.  It will be different from me and just as valuable and important for us as a community.

Finally, THANK YOU for allowing me to try, fail, and try again to get it better.  My deepest appreciation goes to the FY16 and FY17 Coordinating Council members.  What a great and grand team who are all treasures in my heart.

Signing off on my final FYM and See you Sunday!


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