At CCC, we honor and celebrate people
of all races, cultures, ages, abilities, sexual orientations & gender identities.


*Please stand as you are able
Please turn off mobile phones before worship begins
Let us now enter into the Holy One’s presence.

Pastor Matt Braddock

We invite you to sign & pass the red pew registers as worship begins

PRELUDE, Lamb of God    
The Chancel Choir, arr. F. Melius Christiansen


Faith is not always knowing.
It’s not always knowing where the water is.
Sometimes it’s like letting a grain of wheat fall to the ground,
Hoping that a single grain can bear much fruit.
It’s having the courage to be where it’s parched, and to let that be enough.

The Middle School Church School Class

God of Love, God of Peace,
We are your garden
A thing of beauty
Beyond understanding,
A poem being written,
Not in words,
But in colors,
Wind’s whisper,
Soaring bird,
Snowdrop’s petal,
Gentle rain,
Sunlight’s warmth.

God of Love, God of Peace,
We are your garden
A thing of beauty
Beyond understanding.

*OPENING HYMN #188, Give Me a Clean Heart 

PRAYER OF INVOCATION & THE LORD’S PRAYER (paraphrased by Parker Palmer)
The Middle School Church School Class

God of Love, God of Peace,
This fractured word cries out in pain,
Burns deep into my soul,
And challenges us, to make a difference.
To start this day, we pray together, saying …

Heavenly Father, heavenly Mother, holy and blessed is your true name.
We pray for your reign of peace to come,
We pray that your good will be done,
Let heaven and earth become one.
Give us this day the bread we need,
Give it to those who have none.
Let forgiveness flow like a river between us,
From each one to each one.
Lead us to holy innocence beyond the evil of our days.
Come swiftly Mother, Father, come.
For yours is the power and the glory and the mercy:
Forever your name is All in One.

The Middle School Church School Class

God of Love, God of Peace,
Scarred by grief and tears,
Ignorance and fear,
Soften hearts of stone,
And begin right here.

The Middle School Church School Class

Pastor Matt Braddock

Children are dismissed for communion education time

Believing that all people belong to God, we greet each other with signs of peace.

Pastor Matt Braddock

MEDITATION, “The Well of Compassion”
Pastor Matt Braddock

Pastor Matt Braddock

OFFERTORY, Jesus Walked this Lonesome Valley
The Chancel Choir, Traditional, arr. Fred Prentice

*HYMN OF DEDICATION, “We are an Offering”
Copyright 1984, Word Music. Used with Permission.

We lift our voices, we lift our hands
We lift our lives up to You, we are an offering
God use our voices, God use our hands
God use our lives they are yours, we are an offering

The Middle School Church School Class

God of Love, God of Peace,
Give us a clean heart, that we might serve you;
A heart for people,
A desire for change,
And new beginnings

HYMN OF PREPARATION #393  (please remain seated), Blest Be the Tie That Binds

The Middle School Church School Class


CCC practices open communion. Anyone who seeks the love of God is welcome at the Table. Jesus shared his life for the whole world; we seek to be as welcoming and open as he is. Ushers will invite you to come forward by row from the center aisle. As you approach the Table, you may take bread and then dip the bread in the cup, returning to your seat by the side aisle.

Prayer of Blessing

God of Love, God of Peace,
to you we bring our thanks and praise.
To a world that searches
you are a lamp that shines,
to a world that is hungry
you are food that sustains,
to a world that suffers
you are hope of release,
to a world that’s broken
you are one who restores,
to a world full of hate
you are love that forgives,
to a world that denies
you are truth that endures.
To you we bring our thanks and praise,
God of Love, God of Peace.

Words of Institution
Sharing the Bread and the Cup
Prayer of Thanksgiving

*HYMN OF GOING FORTH #581, Lead Us From Death to Life (refrain only)

Pastor Matt Braddock

POSTLUDE, To the Cross
Megan Repoley, soloist

Please join us for fellowship and refreshments in the downstairs social hall following the service.
Musical resources printed in our worship bulletins are used with permission under CCLI License No. 2837543

The flowers are given with love and thanksgiving for this church by Paul and Betsy Thomas and in
celebration of the 55th anniversary of our wedding here on April 14, 1962.

The Sanctuary Committee invites you to take a bouquet of flowers, made from the beautiful altar arrangement, to someone to whom you’d like to extend support and prayers. You will find the bouquets in the church lobby window after the worship service.


As the church of God in this place, we ask your prayers for the persons listed below.  If persons no longer need our immediate prayers, please let the church office know so we can keep the list current.

Immediate Care …  We ask your prayers for Merlene Bagley; Corine Bloss; Erven Boettner;  Carl Brandt; Jenni Bunch;  Jean, Randy and Ellen Caswell; Bud Dennie; Grace Dietz; Ben Gallup; Paul Gayer; Joanne Hollcroft; Barry Johnson; Doris Jordan;  Ruth Kaupert; Tina Lincoln; Doris Raber; David and Maureen Squires; Elijah Simpson-Sundell; Barbara Thorn; Claudia Tornblom; Kent Abraham, husband of Dianne Abraham; Cheryl and Beverly, family of Ron Rising; Bryan “Kirk” Bland, brother-in-law of Jessica Bland; Anna Carrigan, sister of Tim Carrigan; Steve and Linda Caudill, mother and step-father of Trisha Lay;  Helen Mae Davis, granddaughter of David and Maureen Squires; Larry Duff, Sr., father of Larry Duff; Douglas Griffith son of Doris Raber; Kate Massett, mother of Holly Massett; Alice McElhinney, mother of Alison Petersen; Dr. Craig Platt, son of Audrey and Neville Platt;  Bruce Viani, brother-in-law of Chris Braddock; Wayne Virag, brother-in-law of Steve Young.

For more information on Pastoral Care needs, see our Prayer and Care Booklet, found in the lobby.

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